Tern, Tern, Tern

AAA_5715 b&w

These Terns have the most powerful flight patterns, soaring through the air this way and that way. It was so hard to get a clear picture! They catch fish by diving completely underwater from the air. It is hysterical to watch. They just fall straight down from the sky. I played with this image a bit and really liked the black and white version. The original image, untouched, is below.


Spring Egrets



AAA_5781 copy

The Snowy Egrets and the Great Egrets are arriving in Forsythe. They are in their breeding season as evidenced by the green around the eyes. Always amused as I watch them do their fishing dance. Can never get enough of those bright yellow feet on the Great Egrets!





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Welcome Back Osprey – 2014



The Osprey returned to the shore late March, and I have neglected to welcome them back! I hear there are two eggs in the nest in Island Beach State Park. The parents are keeping watch. Let the fun begin!

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The cherry trees are blooming! They look so beautiful. Spring, spring, spring is really here.

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Really? Hard to believe with these fierce winds, hail, snow, freezing temperatures. This is mid April, right? The real feel temperature at the shore was 20 degrees this morning. Cruel!


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Just Ducky


This little guy was showing off his vibrant colors while taking a stroll in the bay on Saturday.

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