Judge’s Shack



Another beautiful day for a walk in Island Beach State Park. Sometimes I feel like I live on a deserted island, especially this time of year! Can I get some opinions? Is this shot more appealing in color or black and white?

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Mooch Again


Mooch came to visit again this morning. She is so darn pretty.

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Beach Time in Fall




AAB_2569 copy

This past weekend we experienced a heat wave. It certainly did not feel like September. Saturday was actually oppressive. It must have been hot for me to say that. I, one who loves summer and warmer temperatures, was uncomfortable. I sat as close to the water as I could get for a couple of hours and enjoyed watching some of my feathered friends playing around in the low tide. The last shot is a tern singing away in Forsythe last week.



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Wild Day Around the “Wildlife Drive”


AAB_2498 AAB_2499


AAB_2528[1]-copy AAB_2511-copy

It’s September so I headed back to Forsythe for a drive around the “Wildlife Drive,” hoping that the green flies were long gone. No such luck! They started chasing the car as soon as I got there. Apparently they are attracted to motion. There were hundreds and hundreds of Egrets around, flying, sitting in groups, sitting in trees, stalking their prey in the water. It was wonderful. I ignored the flies, got out of the car and started photographing. Awesome afternoon!

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I could hardly believe my eyes. This gull pulled a fish from the shoreline, a rather large fish I might add, and in TWO gulps had the poor fish down his throat!

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Labor Day Weekend 2014

AAB_2130 AAB_2171














Some scenes from the beach this last weekend of summer. I cannot believe it! What a glorious summer it has been.  I do not want to let go. The thoughts of coats, hats, scarves, gloves…..NO!  I know I am jumping the gun. Looking forward to a gorgeous quiet September at the Jersey Shore.