Dog Friends

Jack Jack Pearl Pearl Beau Beau Pearl

Some friends have asked me to photography them with their beloved pets over the last few weeks. I truly enjoy pet photography! Every dog is so unique as are the people who love them. Wildlife, pet photography, shelter dog photography, I am in! Favorite places to be with my camera.

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October Monarchs at the Shore

Monarch 1 Monarch 2 Monarch 3 Monarch 4 Monarch 5 Monarch 6 October Monarchs

The beautiful Monarch Butterflies are out and about today. They have decreased in numbers by 80% from years ago. I was so thrilled to see them the last few days!

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Fall Is Upon Us


Even though it was almost 80 degrees and humid yesterday (not good for hurricane season this time of year!), I was out scouting around for a fall scene yesterday morning on the way to work. Came upon this one.

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Some are Red – Some Are Pink



It has been awhile since I posted a flower shot. I went out yesterday morning trying to find one. Mostly mums out there, but managed to find this one. I am going to miss summer terribly!

Columbus Day

AAB_5155_tonemapped AAB_5190_tonemapped AAB_5220

A few shots from the Columbus Day Parade in Seaside Heights on Sunday. The sun was shining and it was quite festive.

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Fall 2014

Changing Colors

That time of year again. The reeds in the back of the house are changing to white and the leaves are becoming more red and vibrant. Every season has its own beauty and reasons to capture through the lens.

Sleeping Beauty



Resting and preening so comfortably. Content as he listens to the sounds of the ocean and feels the soft breezes. Free as a bird.

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