Muscovy Duck and Other Friends





Made a stop at Fletcher Lake yesterday in Bradley Beach, and took some photos of very interesting looking ducks. (Watch where you step!) They were quite friendly too. Loved watching the white Mocovy Ducks communicate with each other. They do this crazy thing with their heads. Cute.

Hawk and Metal



Walking through the National Mall in DC and come across the “National Sculpture Garden.” I look up into this metal tree and what do I see? A hawk! Now, who would think a hawk would enjoy hanging around a bunch of metal? This one apparently loves it because he is there quite often.


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Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Black & White

Covered Bridge Pa.

There are still some covered bridges around. We found this one while visiting Lambertville and New Hope.

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We stayed at the Chimney Hill Inn in Lambertville last weekend. They have Alpacas on their property. Real cuties. They are checking out the photographer in this image.

National Mall – Washington, DC




Some images from a walk through the National Mall including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.  Very moving.


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