I could hardly believe my eyes. This gull pulled a fish from the shoreline, a rather large fish I might add, and in TWO gulps had the poor fish down his throat!

Labor Day Weekend 2014

AAB_2130 AAB_2171














Some scenes from the beach this last weekend of summer. I cannot believe it! What a glorious summer it has been.  I do not want to let go. The thoughts of coats, hats, scarves, gloves…..NO!  I know I am jumping the gun. Looking forward to a gorgeous quiet September at the Jersey Shore.

Surf’s Up at the Jersey Shore

AAB_2008 AAB_2010 AAB_2028

Early in the morning the surfers were on the boardwalk anticipating a day of high waves for their sport. I took these shots late afternoon. Must have been a fun day for them!

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Fed and Groomed-Happy Gulls

AAB_1876 AAB_1931 AAB_1935 AAB_1943

A woman began throwing some bread to the gulls on the beach. Afterwards, one sat happily on a pole sprucing up its soft, pillow-like feathers. The lighting was perfect. The birds were happy, and so was this photographer watching and soaking up the sun.


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Waves of Sunrise


I took this shot Saturday morning, just before my attention got distracted to the labs playing ball on the beach. Between following lost seals, watching sunrises, sunsets and dogs playing, spotting dolphin, searching for those whales I hear go by our area, relaxing in the sun, being amused by the sea gulls, walking and soaking up nature, have you guessed I really enjoy living at the shore, especially summer? The best!

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Boys Just Want to Have Fun

AAB_1740 AAB_1745[1] AAB_1750[1] AAB_1751[1] AAB_1754[1] AAB_1775[1]

I was out shooting sunrise pictures early Saturday morning and my neighbor appeared with two of his three dogs. They had such a blast chasing the ball and running on the beach. I had more of a blast photographing them!


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A Lone Seal Along the Shoreline




I took a walk to the beach yesterday looking for birds. Suddenly I see a crowd of people walking briskly along the shore line, i-phone cameras in hand, sounds of excitement filling the air. At first I thought it was a camp group, but then noticed a small black figure swimming and popping his head up through the water. I could not believe my luck. Prepared with the 300 mm lens on my camera I quickly joined the crowd. We must have walked almost a mile south watching this unusual sighting of a seal at the shore in summer. From Facebook postings I hear he was seen from Mantoloking through Lavallette, Ortley Beach, Seaside Park, and Island Beach State Park. I am a little concerned about his health. Marine biologist specialists were called. I saw a tag on his leg. Hopefully he is OK and just gave everyone a nice treat on a beautiful summer day!

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