Those Legs!



The legs of the Snowy Owl amaze me. So thick and strong. They appear to have pants on! I believe this is a female. The males are more white. These owls are 20-28″ high with a 49-59″ wingspan. They weigh between 3-1/2 to 6-1/2 pounds.  I can watch them all day. So beautiful.

It is Snowing Again

AAB_8752copy2 AAB_8755

Snowy Owls that is! This is the second year Snowy Owls have been sighted in the Park. I searched on the weekend and tried my hand again this afternoon. A true needle in the haystack. The Park is 10 miles long. Can you imagine how hard it is to find one little owl? Well, I found him today, by sheer luck. He stayed in my view for 3 camera clicks and he flew off. I walked another 2 hours in the direction I saw him fly, but did not see him again. Yes, a true needle in the haystack. So happy I saw him with my own two eyes today. It was a wonderful afternoon because of a 30 second interval. I guess nature is my true calling.

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Bald Eagle Surveying the Wildlife Drive



AAB_8554In all the years I have been driving around the “Wildlife Drive” at Forsythe, I never saw a Bald Eagle. I was expecting to see some ducks and geese this time of year, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw an Eagle sitting on top of an osprey nest. I didn’t even have to drive to the Conowingo Dam!

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Saw some Snow today


Snow Geese that is. There were hundreds at Forsythe. They are quite beautiful when they all come in for landings in the same area. The water was filled with white.


Just Because



A couple more just because…..they are here …..and they are so beautiful!

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Italian Fox

AAB_8251 AAB_8259 AAB_8279


The “Welcoming Committee” greeted us in the Park late Sunday afternoon. They are truly beautiful animals. Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea to leave them Spaghetti. Could be funny, but it was not. That is how they learn to be beggars and it is not healthy for them either. Still enjoyed seeing them. That tail is remarkable. Ready for winter for sure!

It’s December



The wind was relentless today not to mention the cold. Tried some outside photography earlier in the day but no luck. Resorted to doing some still shots inside. Figured it is December so time for a festive image.