I have learned that our friendly neighborhood cat has a name. “Mooch.” Perfect for him. He “Mooches” snacks and petting from a few of us in the area. He is very friendly and certainly affectionate. He was up on our deck this morning as I was leaving. I grabbed the camera, but believe me, hard to get any pictures because he constantly wanted to be pet and rub against my leg. Difficult to compose and photography when there is little or no distance between me and my special subject, but I managed a few. Love those eyes.



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Colors of Morning






I may have been the only one on the beach at first, except for the sea gulls, of course, but by the time the colors were in full force there were runners, fisherman, sunrise watchers, sail boats in the horizon, and other early birds capturing precious moments in (summer)time.

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Flying the Coup






Some chicks fly the coup a lot sooner than others, that is for sure! I never expected to see one of the chicks flying off the nest so early in the season. The second and third shots are one of the youngsters. Quite the mover and shaker! There are 3 young ones in the nest. One was off on the pole (photographed), another was popping his head out from the nest and watching momma’s reaction to the photographer below, and the third one was either snoozing or flew off somewhere. The two in the bottom picture were visitors. I think I will be going back to this nest very soon. Lots of activity!

Mail, a Thing of the Past?


This mail box reminded me of the changes that have occurred since the creation of email and scanning. My goodness, how fast can we go with all of this technology? Sometimes I want to go back because going back means slowing down. Yes, slowing down, something we can all use, especially yours truly.

Remember When….




AAB_0072b&wI was browsing around a store in Point Pleasant and this old Woodstock typewriter caught my eye. I had to go back and ask permission to photograph it. The store owner agreed. I wish I had a tripod due to the lighting conditions, and some extra time, but managed to get a few shots. What an awesome piece of nostalgia! This piece, along with so many other “Cottage Furniture and Vintage Finds” can be found at Tess Home in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. I can definitely get inspired browsing through that store!



Beach Sunrise



I got to the beach around 5:10 a.m. Saturday morning to kick off yet another beautiful weekend at the shore. Upon arrival I watched 3 dolphins swimming slowly, very close to shore, coming up and down in the most beautiful rhythm. All I could do was stand there and soak in the beauty of the scene. Shortly thereafter the sun rose over the ocean and again, all I could do was soak in the beauty of the scene, and snap a few pictures too, of course. There is such beauty in nature. So many amazing sights around us every day to absorb and make a footprint in our memories.


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