Really? Hard to believe with these fierce winds, hail, snow, freezing temperatures. This is mid April, right? The real feel temperature at the shore was 20 degrees this morning. Cruel!


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Just Ducky


This little guy was showing off his vibrant colors while taking a stroll in the bay on Saturday.

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A Walk in the Park



AAA_5426 copy

AAA_5419 copy

Spring is finally upon us. Took some time to walk around Cattus Island after work today. It was a bit windy, but I managed to find some familiar friends.

Story behind an Old Barn Photograph




There is a story behind these photographs. A friend asked me to drive with her to south Jersey to take some pictures of this barn. Apparently her friend likes the scene very much. Since her friend is getting married in a couple of months she thought it would be nice to present her with a framed image of the scene as a shower gift. So, off we went. When we arrived I discovered the property was located on a main highway and was set back 1/4 mile+. So, I thought it best we ask the owner permission. We drive up to the house (not seen), knock on the door, and an elderly lady appears with her barking and overly protective German Shepard. She yelled out “leave a note in the mailbox” a few times because she thought we were selling something. After some effort we were able to yell through and ask permission. She gave us about 10 minutes and instructed us to take them from the road and not walk on her property. The wind was howling, the cars were flying by, it was too far for the wide angle lens, et., etc.  Ends up I took most of the shots we considered for enlargement from the car as we were driving away! My friend pulled over for a second as I snapped. Nothing like setting up carefully. I had packed 3 lenses, a trigger release, a tripod, etc. We decided on the first shot above for enlargement. It was taken from the shoulder of the highway as I hung out the passenger window with my camera. So much for planning! We are sending the owner a few shots and a thank you note. Do not blame her for being a little uncomfortable with two strangers taking pictures of her barn. Glad we asked as I am SURE we would have had a police car pull up next to us and would have been issued a summons for trespassing and heaven knows what else!


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Yellow Roses and a Veil of Reeds



A couple of different versions of photographs of  yellow roses I have been enjoying from my thoughtful hubby this week. The second one is a Double Exposure in the camera. First I took a picture of the reeds in the back yard and then I photographed the flowers. The camera combines the shots and presto! Looks like a veil or perhaps some texture.

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Fox Friend in Black and White




Converted my favorite cat/fox to black and white in the first two images. I swear he thinks he is a cat. Saw him today while walking on the beach. What a gorgeous day!

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End of Everglades Series with a SlideShow



I really like this rear shot of the Cormorant. I think I have finally come to the end of my favorite shots from the Everglades trip. I had so many images I attempted my first slideshow. I also attempted to insert a link to it above. Not sure if it will work, but I gave it a shot! Hope followers can view it. If you can, put the sound on and watch in full screen. Enjoy, and thank you for your interest!



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