Egrets Still “Hanging Around”

ZZZ_1087 ZZZ_1100ZZZ_1107

I took a walk along a trail on Tuesday and was so surprised to find two Egrets standing on top of a tree. I immediately stopped in my tracks so as to not scare them off, and was able to get a few pictures. When I turned around to walk the other way I saw another Egret with a darker bird next to it. They were far away, but with some cropping I was able to see it was a Glossy Ibis. It was quite a walk!


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Fox Friends in Fall

FOX. ZZZ_1149


Fox.ZZZ_1180 ZZZ_1157

In summer the fox do not show themselves very much. After Labor Day they are more visible. I went into the Park yesterday in hopes of seeing one. Two graced me with their presence. I am seeing new faces. Really love seeing them again!

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Thinking of a Sunny Day

Yellow Flowers

Flowers Filtered

Quite the contrast in these two images. I so enjoy working with different filters for different effects. Just need lots of time and imagination! We have gone from sunny, beautiful days into the world of storms. The wind has been fierce for the past four days. Things should calm again very soon. In the meantime I can work on some of my pictures and prepare for the next outing!

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Spiritual Day


In honor of Pope Francis’ recent inspiring visit I created this image.

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Egret and his Big Catch of the Day


ZZZ_0931-2 ZZZ_0927I mean REALLY? He actually could not swallow this one and had to spit it out. He went on to catch one of a more appropriate size. We spent the day in Cape May yesterday. Despite the wind (awful for photography) had a wonderful time. Lots of new images to share in the next week.

ZZZ_0921 ZZZ_0983

Duck Wings


I took a quick photo of this duck today as he dried he wings. The colors really stood out when I viewed on the computer (with a few edits).