Macro and Flowers

Pink and Proud of It

Pink and Proud of It

Red is for Love The Color of Watermelon

This is really Part III from Longwood Gardens. I took so many pictures that day! I love the way the macro lens makes the flowers look like they are popping out of the page!

Babies Everywhere!

AAC_9350-2 AAC_9383 AAC_9384 AAC_9388 AAC_9392 AAC_9394 AAC_9398 AAC_9399

I stopped at the spot where I saw the swans the day before. At first I did not see them. Then, this is what I saw! The sun was a little too bright directly on their location, but I did my best.

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AAC_9038 AAC_9045 AAC_9047 AAC_9048

I was quite surprised to see a group of swans floating around on my way to the office yesterday. I don’t usually see them this time of year.

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A Day in Longwood Gardens

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What a place! So many beautiful flowers. I came home with almost 300 and hardly deleted any of them! Posting 12 here. Have so many more to go through. Great place to explore. It rained in the morning so there were rain drops on many of the outside plants. I took 3 lenses with me and used all of them. Looking forward to a return visit.

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