Preparing to Fly

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Late yesterday afternoon I watched the male osprey at the nest in Island Beach State Park fly to the nest with a fish, land for a second, and take off again. I realized he was trying to teach his 3 chicks to fly! It was so fascinating to watch. Always is! The nest is getting crowded with 5 osprey stretching their long wings. Then, I watched one of the chicks try to lift. It was as if she was saying “Look at what I can do!” LOVE watching nature in action. They will be flying very soon.

A Flower for a Friend


A long-time friend of mine has been on hospice due to struggles with ugly cancer. She is unresponsive today. Praying for a miracle or some final peace if that is God’s will.

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Tern Landing and Young Fox


Caught this guy coming in for a landing. Love to watch them fish. They simply drop from the sky and dive into the water. I was in the park this week and was so surprised to see three young fox running about on the side of the road. I usually do not see fox in the busy summer months. They moved pretty quickly and there was traffic behind me, but I managed to get a click of the shutter in before they were off and running back to their den.


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This Morning on the Boardwalk

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Started out for our morning walk and was glad I went back to grab the camera. The atmosphere went from beautiful colors to fog. It was SO very beautiful.

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Egret and a Minnow

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I took over 200 images while watching this one egret feed on minnow. When they fish they twist their heads around and stay perfectly still as they listen to the sounds under the water. Fascinating to watch! For me, anyway. Here are a variety of edited interpretations of this beautiful bird.

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