Warmer Pastures

AAC_2239Cannot take this cold weather anymore so I am trotting off to warmer pastures. See you in a while with some warm weather feathered friends! Spring is in the air. I can feel it!


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Cold, Cold, Cold!

Cold, Cold, Cold!

AAC_1671_tonemappedI passed by the Bay this afternoon on the way home. It was a very eerie scene. The snow that was sitting on the ice was blowing across the bay due to the high winds. I could never reproduce it in a photo, it was as if I was viewing a scene on another planet, or at least the Arctic. The Snowy Owls would have loved this if they had stuck around a little longer! We are supposed to have a wind chill of -24 by morning. Really? Is this the Jersey Shore? Someone wake me up and send me home!



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Flower Kick





Still on a Flower kick inside the house, of course. REALLY wish the -0 degree temps would end at this point. More snow on the way and the difficult winter continues. Not suitable for man nor beast!

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