Bald Eagle

As I drove along the “wildlife drive” in Oceanville, I spotted this majestic Bald Eagle watching over the area, perched on an unoccupied osprey nest.



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2017 Has Arrived

The year 2017 has arrived. These images were taken with my new iphone. I am excited about the camera! A beautiful early morning walk on the beach.

img_0296 img_0301 img_0305 img_0302

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Recent Finds In My Favorite Park

zzz_8485-edit-editI have not been posting too often on this blog because I am very active on my Facebook page. Not sure if I will be continuing this blog after SO many years, but it has a special place in my heart, and I have met some wonderful friends. This blog, as recommended by two photography friends, got me started years ago on posting a “photo a day” to get me out there to practice my hobby. This hobby has grown quite a bit for me, and I truly enjoy learning and experimenting with all types of photography. Wildlife is still (and will always be) my absolute favorite. Here are some recent photos. It is always a joy to explore out in nature during all of the seasons. Thank you for your support and comments along the way my friends! Not saying goodbye because I may pop up once in a while…..


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Bald Eagle Time

We visited the Conowingo Dam in Maryland over the weekend. Also a stop at Longwood Gardens. The flower pictures are for another post, but here are some eagle and cormorant images.


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Cape May, October 2016

We took a drive out to Cape May on Sunday. The wind was not right for a big hawk migration, but it was still a gorgeous day to walk around and enjoy the trails and the quaint town. We did find a Merlin enjoying his breakfast (not a pretty picture for most of us, but this is the circle of life).



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Monarch Butterfly

Not seeing many at all this year. Awfully sad! I hope they come back in the numbers of years ago. I saw this lone, beautiful butterfly by the Bay today fluttering around. Luckily I had the camera ready to go!


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