Reflection Against Anhinga



I came across the first shot recently while going through my collection (once again)! Interesting reflection against the bird. Also, a shot of the gorgeous male below.

I hear the Osprey have landed in Island Beach State Park. Let the fun begin! Hopefully the eggs will thrive this year and we can watch the entire process on the video cam.

Green and Blue

AAC_3263 AAC_3276



Some Herons are green and some are blue. Whether they are preening, hunting or strolling, they all make wonderful models for the eye of this photographer.

The Tranquil Starkness of the Glades

AAC_2986PS2AAC_3009It is so peaceful in the Everglades. Not only do you see the beauty of nature in all the wildlife, but there are scenes that remind us how blessed we are that people care enough to protect these lands and work toward keeping them protected for generations to come.


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The Funny Vulture and The Smart Crow

AAC_2905 AAC_2993 AAC_3177

I get such a kick out of watching vultures instigate each other and others. They want to see how far they can get – even with an alligator! I also heard a sound from them recently which I had never heard before. Sounded like a dog’s low bark.

I saw a TV special about crows once. They are the smartest birds around. They can actually make and use tools for a purpose. Their abilities to communicate and survive are remarkable!

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Shore Birds

AAC_3930 AAC_3935 AAC_3959

Saw these Willits and Terns on the beach in Florida, but they can be seen at the Jersey Shore as well. The Willits move around pretty quickly. I managed to get a couple of shots before they sped away down the beach. They can win speed walking competitions!