Juvenile Osprey All Grown Up


ZZZ_0171-Edit ZZZ_0166-Edit


We visited the osprey nest in the Park yesterday. There are usually three juveniles and two adults flying in and out. Waited about an hour and got a photo shoot with only one juvenile. The rest were out fishing and enjoying the beautiful day! They grow so fast. This one is huge already!

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The Hummingbirds are going absolutely WILD on our deck lately. I am replacing the sugar water in two feeders daily! Watching 5-10 at a time scramble for the food as they prepare for their long trip to warmer climates. Expecting them to leave in a week or two at the latest. Such fun to watch these amazing little birds!

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More Skimmers


Edited a photo of Black Skimmers flying right toward me to more of a “painterly” look. They are not here for very long. Glad I was able to capture some images of these fascinating birds.

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Black Skimmers Being Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers AAD_2196 AAD_2306 AAD_2353 AAD_2367-Edit AAD_2386

They are so fast and fascinating to watch! I waited patiently to catch one fishing. Finally got one! Been waiting a long time for that opportunity. Most of the time they are pretty far out and no amount of cropping was making their amazing grace over the water visible. I took the day off yesterday and headed out to a favorite spot to watch all of the activity. It was marvelous! Wish I could do it all again today. (Caroline, these are for you. I remember you saying the “Black Skimmers” are your favorites)! Thank you for all your comments.

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Hungry Mouths to Feed

AAD_1607 AAD_1763 AAD_1776

I had to search carefully and slowly with my lens through the grasses, but then I saw them, hiding and begging the adult for a bite of fish. Such a blessing to see. Such a blessing to have the camera lens to do it!  I took the day off from work today so I could head back to the location. Hopefully more images to come.

A Race to the Fish

AAD_1544 AAD_1645

Hundreds of skimmers took to the sky at once. The entire scene (difficult to capture in one shot) was so beautiful to watch!

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Dancing Through the Air

AAD_1596 AAD_1595 AAD_1590 AAD_1587 AAD_1586 AAD_1584


I watched these Terns and Skimmers dance through the air yesterday. It was truly a sight to be seen! Reminded me of little “Angels” for some reason. Very cool. They were moving so fast it was very hard to keep up with them in my viewfinder!

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