Do Fox Bark?


Apparently they do! I thought it was a dog at first until I saw and heard the sound coming right out of his mouth. New one for me! They never cease to amaze. I have heard them scream before (sounds like a woman screaming), especially during mating season, which is happening now. I heard one screaming as he ran past my house a couple of weeks ago.  A little scary at first. The bark really surprised me, but I got a chuckle out of!





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Judge’s Shack in Vintage


A very popular “shack” to photograph in Island Beach State Park. Made this one with a vintage style. Sort of fits the look of this worn building struggling to hold its own on the beach front.

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Cooper’s Hawk




This Cooper’s Hawk was hanging out on a wire outside our house on Friday checking out the little birds. I added a texture to one of the images for a more “artsy” look. He did not leave with a bird, luckily for us, unlucky for him!

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Splish Splash I’m Taking a Bath


ZZZ_3914 ZZZ_3916


I watched a bunch of geese (about 50!) giving themselves baths. It was quite amusing! I cannot believe some of the positions they can get themselves into. They were sticking their chests out so far at times I thought they would burst. Apparently they were quite proud of themselves!

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2016 and Wildlife

ZZZ_3774 ZZZ_3781

Photographed today. January 1st, 2016. What can be better than starting a new year off photographing wildlife? For me, nothing at all.

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