The Conowingo Dam – 2015 Visit

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We had our first visit to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland on Saturday. It was such a beautiful morning! We had to leave by 11 a.m., but I enjoyed watching the Bald Eagles fly, drop, fish and do the tango with each other! Many more photos to go through, but here is a sampling. Looking forward to a return visit this year or early next!

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Horses on the Beach

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I was so surprised and excited to see horse trailers in the Park and soon I was on the beach talking with four super nice ladies who permitted me to photograph their beautiful horses experiencing the sand and water, some for the first time! Did you know that horses like to roll in the sand? I had no idea! What a wonderful experience!

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Textures and Wildlife




I have become addicted to textures! There are so many different colors and patterns available and they can make a photograph into “textured art.” Another place they will come in handy is for the shelter where I volunteer. When I photograph the cats inside the building the backgrounds are awful! Here is one I was able to very easily transform this week. What fun!


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A Friendly Little Sanderling


The Sanderlings are usually very skittish. This little one did not seem to mind me hanging around him with my camera. He seemed to look right at me to say “Look What I Caught.” I used a filter to create the photo below, more of a painterly look.



Sanderlings and a Lone Willet

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You may get two of these posts. I wanted to attach other pictures originally (sorry)! Enjoyed watching the Sanderlings and a lone Willet race against the tide along the beach last weekend. They were still there yesterday enjoying the weather like the rest of us!

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Peak Colors in New Hope

ZZZ_1560 ZZZ_1574 ZZZ_1578 ZZZ_1596 ZZZ_1597

We went back to New Hope with a stop at Washington’s Crossing State Park on Saturday. The colors were “peak” as compared to our visit two weeks ago. Glad we went back!

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