Bald Eagle Time

We visited the Conowingo Dam in Maryland over the weekend. Also a stop at Longwood Gardens. The flower pictures are for another post, but here are some eagle and cormorant images.


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Cape May, October 2016

We took a drive out to Cape May on Sunday. The wind was not right for a big hawk migration, but it was still a gorgeous day to walk around and enjoy the trails and the quaint town. We did find a Merlin enjoying his breakfast (not a pretty picture for most of us, but this is the circle of life).



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Monarch Butterfly

Not seeing many at all this year. Awfully sad! I hope they come back in the numbers of years ago. I saw this lone, beautiful butterfly by the Bay today fluttering around. Luckily I had the camera ready to go!


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It is such fun working in Photoshop to create “art” from my photographs. A couple of samples today. The crystal ball started out as a flower!


Bokeh Bingo!

Caught some great Bokeh in the first Sanderling photo.


And, enjoyed watching them bathe in the ocean……


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The Power of Nature

This photograph I took in Iceland reminds me of how I personally feel when looking at the beauty of nature. However, we do not have to be in another country to see the beauty. All we need to do is open our eyes and observe.


The Power of Nature

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