Icebergs and Waterfalls

I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the photos I took, and wondering how I can post to give viewers an idea of the beauty of Iceland. Between the landscapes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, city streets, etc., difficult! Here are a few more. Posting on Facebook as well and will put together a Shutterfly link eventually for anyone interested.


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Iceland and Puffins

We returned from a trip to Iceland late last night. What an awesome experience! The country is beautiful in every way. I hope my photos do it justice. I have 1,400 images to go through but wanted to start with some of the Puffins. I was so excited to see them up close. A dream came true!


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Osprey Banding

There are two chicks in a nest in the park. They were banded last week. I watched with amazement as the two adults flew overhead making their danger sounds for the chicks to hear. They were quite upset during the process. The chicks played dead for the banding. I watched the adults finally get back into the nest and check on their precious young. All ended well!


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Piping Plover Cuteness

I cannot get enough of these precious birds. As of two days ago, two of the four chicks are still surviving. Only two more weeks to flight time!


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Fox Kits at the Beach

I discovered a mom and three of her kits on the beach yesterday morning. They posed for me. I loved every minute of it!


Unfortunately, I soon discovered they were suffering from mange. My heart broke. Hopefully their immune systems will get stronger and they will recover. Hopefully it will not spread. Hopefully people will stop feeding them garbage! This is what mange looks like:


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A Special Treat at the Beach

Seeing Piping Plover running along the beach is always a special treat. These little guys are federally protected and state endangered. There are only 3,350 of them on the Atlantic coast. I hope they grow in numbers and continue to be protected until the threat of losing them forever is gone!



A Beautiful Day at the Beach!


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