Fox on the Beach Plays a Cat and Mouse Game




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This little guy wanted something that was in the fisherman’s bag. No one gave him anything and just stayed still and quiet. He eventually continued on his merry way. They are awfully cute!

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Delicate Droplets

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I was walking the dogs at the shelter on Monday and kept passing this tree with the flowers just starting to bloom. Each time I passed I noticed little drops of water hanging from the buds. Before I left I grabbed the camera and ran back. There were still a few left. Looked so delicate.

Red Wing Blackbirds














Every season I attempt to photograph the red wing black birds flying around the property out back. Most times they take off before I lift the camera. On the weekend I headed to the deck, camera in hand, for yet another attempt. As soon as I stepped outside one came flying right toward me. Somehow he did not notice me and landed on the roof of the shed directly in front of the deck. I managed to get a couple of shots before he was off and running again. Success!

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Sleepy Head

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The fox are shedding their winter coats and looking a bit weary. Who would want to wear a heavy coat in the summer anyway? This guy definitely needs some rest, poor baby.

Two for One

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Such a clear morning yesterday on the water. Some great reflections.

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Baby’s Breath


This is a macro shot of the baby’s breath surrounding the yellow rose I purchased last week. I was surprised at the outcome when I got it on the screen and played around in Photoshop. Always fun to experiment.

Osprey Action

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Last year the male did not protect this nest as well as he should have. He may have been young and inexperienced. There are no eggs here yet but once there are everyone is praying they survive. I am told crows attacked the nest last year when the male did not return and the female had to leave the eggs unguarded. So sad! We will be watching carefully again this year. We did see crows land on the nest Sunday morning as soon as both osprey were off of it (no eggs inside luckily), so they are there waiting. Also, an owl has been seen in the camera making himself comfortable while the residents are out fishing. We need the male to do a great job this year!

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