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We drove through a wildlife center while visiting South Dakota. Not quite the same as finding all the other animals I photographed out in the wild, but these babies are too cute not to share. They had just been separated from their mothers for a better survival rate and we watched them play and fight with each other like little children. I had never seen that before. Some were definitely more aggressive than others. I was feeling bad for the weaker one of the bunch. You can really tell the difference as you watch them. Purely adorable.

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Sure-Footed Bighorns


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AAC_6093These Bighorn Sheep looked so majestic on top of a rock formation early one evening. I could not believe my eyes as I watched them walk along so easily and then climb down the steep inclines very quickly without any hesitation at all. Just awesome!

Sleeping Beauty


The calm and innocence of this baby Big Horn Sheep is so soothing. She is taking a little break from exploring her new world. Also, here are a couple of other faces spotted in the area.

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The Elusive Elk





We saw Elk only in the early mornings. They spotted us before we spotted them. So sensitive to noise and movement. Seeing their herds grazing in the early morning light was a wonderful gift.

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Scenery in the Badlands and a friend from Custer

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The scenery in the badlands is amazing. Who could get enough of that? Everywhere you look you see beauty. Different light brings different views. Different areas bring different formations. You can walk, drive and explore and never see enough. Also, had to throw in a friend from Custer on this post because I  cannot get enough of wildlife photography. Hope the scenery shots do it justice.

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Flirting Bighorn Sheep

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I was amazed to watch these Bighorn Sheep in the mating process early one morning. I clicked as they flirted, jumped, and mated (not going to post those; too suggestive). I have to say the series of shots I have from those moments are some of my favorites from South Dakota so far.

Prairie Dogs

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These little guys can wreck havoc on property but they are absolutely hysterical to watch. They squeak and jump and run around like little kids. Can’t help but love them!

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