Red-Wing Black Birds & Oyster Catchers

Love seeing these colorful birds. The Red-Wing Black Birds are everywhere lately, singing their songs, and the Oyster Catchers are back making nests and walking the shoreline.


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Something different I worked on from two photos.


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Flower Post

Catching up with some of my flower images. I know one particular friend who enjoys seeing them!


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Bald Eagle

As I drove along the “wildlife drive” in Oceanville, I spotted this majestic Bald Eagle watching over the area, perched on an unoccupied osprey nest.



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2017 Has Arrived

The year 2017 has arrived. These images were taken with my new iphone. I am excited about the camera! A beautiful early morning walk on the beach.

img_0296 img_0301 img_0305 img_0302

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Recent Finds In My Favorite Park

zzz_8485-edit-editI have not been posting too often on this blog because I am very active on my Facebook page. Not sure if I will be continuing this blog after SO many years, but it has a special place in my heart, and I have met some wonderful friends. This blog, as recommended by two photography friends, got me started years ago on posting a “photo a day” to get me out there to practice my hobby. This hobby has grown quite a bit for me, and I truly enjoy learning and experimenting with all types of photography. Wildlife is still (and will always be) my absolute favorite. Here are some recent photos. It is always a joy to explore out in nature during all of the seasons. Thank you for your support and comments along the way my friends! Not saying goodbye because I may pop up once in a while…..


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Bald Eagle Time

We visited the Conowingo Dam in Maryland over the weekend. Also a stop at Longwood Gardens. The flower pictures are for another post, but here are some eagle and cormorant images.


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Cape May, October 2016

We took a drive out to Cape May on Sunday. The wind was not right for a big hawk migration, but it was still a gorgeous day to walk around and enjoy the trails and the quaint town. We did find a Merlin enjoying his breakfast (not a pretty picture for most of us, but this is the circle of life).



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Monarch Butterfly

Not seeing many at all this year. Awfully sad! I hope they come back in the numbers of years ago. I saw this lone, beautiful butterfly by the Bay today fluttering around. Luckily I had the camera ready to go!


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It is such fun working in Photoshop to create “art” from my photographs. A couple of samples today. The crystal ball started out as a flower!


Bokeh Bingo!

Caught some great Bokeh in the first Sanderling photo.


And, enjoyed watching them bathe in the ocean……


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The Power of Nature

This photograph I took in Iceland reminds me of how I personally feel when looking at the beauty of nature. However, we do not have to be in another country to see the beauty. All we need to do is open our eyes and observe.


The Power of Nature

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Leaving Us

Many of the birds I enjoyed following and photographing all summer are leaving the area. Although I am now looking forward to possible Snowy Owl sightings, the Bald Eagles in Conowingo, Hawk Migration, I am surely missing these familiar encounters already as I walk our beach.



I am also including a few photos from this morning’s sunrise walk.


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I am posting here a variety of some recent photographs I edited. Some are from an early morning boat tour on the bay, some from Iceland, and others our local beach. Happy Labor Day weekend my friends. Looking forward to some cooler air!


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Immature Green Heron on the Beach



I came across this Immature Green Heron this morning while walking on the beach. What I find! He was just resting. I snapped a few photos at a distance and let him be. Very exciting morning.

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Icebergs and Waterfalls

I am a bit overwhelmed with all of the photos I took, and wondering how I can post to give viewers an idea of the beauty of Iceland. Between the landscapes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, city streets, etc., difficult! Here are a few more. Posting on Facebook as well and will put together a Shutterfly link eventually for anyone interested.


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Iceland and Puffins

We returned from a trip to Iceland late last night. What an awesome experience! The country is beautiful in every way. I hope my photos do it justice. I have 1,400 images to go through but wanted to start with some of the Puffins. I was so excited to see them up close. A dream came true!


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Osprey Banding

There are two chicks in a nest in the park. They were banded last week. I watched with amazement as the two adults flew overhead making their danger sounds for the chicks to hear. They were quite upset during the process. The chicks played dead for the banding. I watched the adults finally get back into the nest and check on their precious young. All ended well!


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Piping Plover Cuteness

I cannot get enough of these precious birds. As of two days ago, two of the four chicks are still surviving. Only two more weeks to flight time!


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Fox Kits at the Beach

I discovered a mom and three of her kits on the beach yesterday morning. They posed for me. I loved every minute of it!


Unfortunately, I soon discovered they were suffering from mange. My heart broke. Hopefully their immune systems will get stronger and they will recover. Hopefully it will not spread. Hopefully people will stop feeding them garbage! This is what mange looks like:


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A Special Treat at the Beach

Seeing Piping Plover running along the beach is always a special treat. These little guys are federally protected and state endangered. There are only 3,350 of them on the Atlantic coast. I hope they grow in numbers and continue to be protected until the threat of losing them forever is gone!



A Beautiful Day at the Beach!


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