Black Skimmers Being Black Skimmers

Black Skimmers AAD_2196 AAD_2306 AAD_2353 AAD_2367-Edit AAD_2386

They are so fast and fascinating to watch! I waited patiently to catch one fishing. Finally got one! Been waiting a long time for that opportunity. Most of the time they are pretty far out and no amount of cropping was making their amazing grace over the water visible. I took the day off yesterday and headed out to a favorite spot to watch all of the activity. It was marvelous! Wish I could do it all again today. (Caroline, these are for you. I remember you saying the “Black Skimmers” are your favorites)! Thank you for all your comments.


2 thoughts on “Black Skimmers Being Black Skimmers

  1. Angela, thank you so very much! I saved skimmer skimming – might I use it in a blog? I have, regrettably, forgotten your last name! These pictures are so rare, so delighting! Now, your next assignment is to see skimmers sitting on their BELLIES on sand when it’s too hot — that is classic but rare skimmer behavior. I first saw it on Sedge Islands in Barnegat Bay off Island Beach (by kayak). The naturalists were so excited to show this to us! You can see skimmer much more closely at Brigantine/Forsythe Wildlife Refuge at Smithtown above Atlantic City – but must be there at higher tides, of course. I am greatly honored that you used all that patience — I yes, I know it well — and am NOT good at patience! — for my beloved skimmer scene. C

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