Juvenile Osprey All Grown Up


ZZZ_0171-Edit ZZZ_0166-Edit


We visited the osprey nest in the Park yesterday. There are usually three juveniles and two adults flying in and out. Waited about an hour and got a photo shoot with only one juvenile. The rest were out fishing and enjoying the beautiful day! They grow so fast. This one is huge already!


One thought on “Juvenile Osprey All Grown Up

  1. At Brigantine Wildlife Refuge (Forsythe), most immatures have flown. They usually depart for winter quarters before parents. The single (third-hatched) in the nest-cam nest at Leeds Eco-Trail was acting as though Mama and Papa should bring lunch. They were elsewhere, probably keeping an osprey-eye on the youngster. No other nests had young. Those parents were looking like humans when the last child leaves for college — insouciance-Central! How blessed we are to experience nature unalloyed in our (so often devastated) state. And to have you immortalizing the life stories in such handsome pictures! Carolyn

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