Osprey Juvenile Catches a Big One

ZZZ_0220 ZZZ_0213 ZZZ_0204Since these birds will be leaving for warmer climates soon I had to post a few more. This juvenile caught a big one! My heart hurt a little for the poor fish because it was still flopping while being eaten. I couldn’t look after a few seconds. I know this is nature, but still hard to watch. There has been quite a bit of activity at the beach this week. Looks like the fishing is good!


One thought on “Osprey Juvenile Catches a Big One

  1. Fascinating and agree re fate of the fish. At Brig all young but the (third-hatched) in nest with camera are gone, but parents were there last week. At Sandy Hook, all osprey but one (mature) were gone yesterday. So the activity may have something to do with the fishing and something to do with stocking up for that long journey. Thank you for thrilling scenes! c

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