Day of Birding in Sandy Hook

ZZZ_1473 ZZZ_1475 ZZZ_1476 ZZZ_1477

We joined a birding group on Monday for a trip to Sandy Hook. It was wonderful having an experienced “birder” with us who was able to point out all of the little birds I would not have noticed. I usually photograph the larger birds – osprey, blue heron, egrets, cormorants, etc. I was amazed at the beautiful colors these smaller birds have. We saw Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, Golden-Crowned Kinglets, Song Sparrows and White-Throated Sparrows, just to name a few. When I put the images on the computer screen their beauty jumped out at me. I will post more of the varieties tomorrow. Also, I was thrilled to see two Blue Herons flying around. Here is a photo of one of them. His blue color was so deep! They looked amazing against the green trees.



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