Horses on the Beach

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I was so surprised and excited to see horse trailers in the Park and soon I was on the beach talking with four super nice ladies who permitted me to photograph their beautiful horses experiencing the sand and water, some for the first time! Did you know that horses like to roll in the sand? I had no idea! What a wonderful experience!


3 thoughts on “Horses on the Beach

  1. outrageous, Angela! What a privilege to be allowed into that intimate world of a creature experiencing the sea for the first time, the sea and the sand… it’s like a dream

    Are you doing anything about having a one-person show in your region – in one of the Interpretive Centers at IB — I’ve been in a number of them lately and their exhibits are in need of serious refreshment, excitement and publicity the new Coast Guard Building, open upstairs and down now, etc.? Or Pinelands Preservation Alliance? The habitat of IB is pure Pinelands. Releases calling attention to your fine work? simple receptions on weekend afternoons?

    I’ve never seen anything like some of these horse scenes. thank you so much


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