The Horseshoe Crab and the Red Knots



What a sight! “The horseshoe crabs crawl onto the shores of the bay to spawn. At the same time, tens of thousands of shorebirds arrive at the bay thin and spent from a non-stop, four day flight from South America. They need to quickly double their weight to continue their migration to the Arctic and breed. For this, the high-energy crab eggs are essential.” Absolutely amazing and inspiring! Help protect the horseshoe crab. “Return the Favor.” If you see one upside down:  Hold the crab by its side, not its tail, and turn over pointing toward the water. Leave them where you find them. Do not remove even if dead. Do not disturb shorebirds – allow them to feed and roost. Thank you!


One thought on “The Horseshoe Crab and the Red Knots

  1. Angela, astounding! These are the masses that so inspired Pete Dunne and Larry and Amanda Niles, and birders professional and amateurs, down through the centuries! Can it be that federal ‘listing’ has resulted in recovery this visible, this powerful? Thank you for uplifting, even thrilling, images, and your so-very-important warning re doing all we can to see that these essential rituals of mating followed by horseshoe-crab-egg-powered travel, may continue and expand! c

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