The Beautiful Oyster Catcher

I love seeing the Oyster Catchers on the beach this time of year. They do not seem to be aggressive in any way, and appear very gentle. They prefer to be away from people. The long lens helps a lot so I can watch their behavior and see their beauty quietly behind my lens.



2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Oyster Catcher

  1. Angela, Jeanette and I were given a single male oystercatcher on the ocean side of Sandy Hook, yesterday, after watching a single skimmer over the waves (not in bays or impoundments) and we were absolutely thrilled. How lucky you are to see and capture more than one. They are (and old Smothers Brothers routine) “Pransome Hinces.” It was the highlight of our day, when winds were so wild and waters so wrinkled that neither osprey nor egrets could see to fish. Think of you often. Grateful for your art! always, c

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