Fox Kits at the Beach

I discovered a mom and three of her kits on the beach yesterday morning. They posed for me. I loved every minute of it!


Unfortunately, I soon discovered they were suffering from mange. My heart broke. Hopefully their immune systems will get stronger and they will recover. Hopefully it will not spread. Hopefully people will stop feeding them garbage! This is what mange looks like:



2 thoughts on “Fox Kits at the Beach

  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking – they have mange because we have not addressed catastrophic climate change. Fox dens need at least five consecutive nights of below freezing or below zero, I forget which, to kill the microbes that cause mange. Also, when the Bay freezes, it allows healthy foxes from elsewhere to come in. THERE OUGHT TO BE FINES FOR FEEDING FOXES — speak to the authorities down there, Angela. We are killing these beautiful creatures. Thank you for your caring heart and your artistry. c

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