Bald Eagle Time

We visited the Conowingo Dam in Maryland over the weekend. Also a stop at Longwood Gardens. The flower pictures are for another post, but here are some eagle and cormorant images.



5 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Time

  1. Ray, that’s my favorite cormorant image of all time! And o, those majestic eagles. Thank you for always sharing your delights with us, so masterfully! Was at Sandy Hook all afternoon yesterday – especially rich in brant (new arrivals) and a plethora of great blue herons, who vanished, all smoke and blueness, into the gold grasses… no we didn’t find the rusty blackbird nor the yellow-billed cuckoo, despite assiduous searching. Wind changed to EAST (arrgghh!) when we arrived at hawk platform, so no raptors over head. Still, a gorgeous day. Best to both of you now that you’re settling into New Jersey anew. c

    • Hello Carolyn. The eagle and cormorant photos are mine (Angela). You again were writing to “Ray” from my blog and images. It is OK, but I just wanted to let you know that Ray Yaeger did not receive your comment, I did. Have a good day! Angela

  2. Angela you always capture the essence of the bird or animal you are photographing. Your images are breathtaking. I love looking at them. You are so talented!!

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