Bald Eagle

As I drove along the “wildlife drive” in Oceanville, I spotted this majestic Bald Eagle watching over the area, perched on an unoccupied osprey nest.




5 thoughts on “Bald Eagle

  1. ah HA!, so you’ve been to the Brig — is it a ‘wonderful road’? Can you tell a difference after all these months of forbidding? Your scenes of Eagle superb. What an odd and disturbing juxtaposition – eagle against icons of gambling. Seems like symbol of peril of our country at this time…

    I’m SO glad you were able to do the drive, Angela. Would love to know more about it. Blessings c

    • Thank you Carolyn. I have visited the wildlife drive quite often over the past 6 or 7 years. Was very happy to hear it had re-opened. I did not see much of a difference except maybe the road was filled in a bit. There is also a new building being put up across from the current Visitor’s Center. You may have seen that when you tried to get in recently. Hopefully we will have more and more wildlife visitors as we get closer to Spring. Awaiting the return of the osprey!

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